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When to Go to the Dentist About Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can ruin your workweek, or even your weekend fun. How do you know when to see your
dentist about it? The doctors at Belmont Dental Group has wide experience working with toothaches
whether they are caused by decay, cracks, tooth clenching, sinus trouble or even some medical issues
you may never have heard of!

We at Belmont Dental Group are very concerned when you call us because you are experiencing pain.
We are good at getting you in quickly. Here are some common reasons and common solutions to
your dental discomfort:

* Pain to Cold- usually not such a big problem. Often special toothpastes or simply applied
coverings to the necks of the teeth solves these problems.

* Pain in Multiple Teeth and Muscle Pain are a very common reason come to us Stress related
grinding and clenching of teeth is something we know how to help with before it really causes
permanent damage.

* Pain to Hot AND Cold AND Biting are a serious triad. Get into the Belmont Dental Group right away.
These are most often signs of an infection brewing that might really spill over into a serious toothache.

* Throbbing tooth pain during Allergy Season- The sinuses are spaces above the upper back teeth that
get filled up and inflamed during allergy season. Sometimes the roots of the upper back teeth are so
close to the sinus that people are sure they need dental care. At Belmont Dental Group we are
experienced and expert at telling the difference between Sinus Pain and Tooth Pain. We have helped a
whole lot of people avoid unnecessary dental procedures because we can tell the difference.

* Neurologic Issues like Herpes Zoster (Shingles) and Tic Doloreau can present like tooth problems.
But working on the teeth won’t help. We are very aware that not all Tooth Aches need Tooth
Treatment! As we teach our students at Harvard Dental School, “Proper diagnosis leads to proper
treatment in a logical order.”

The doctors at Belmont Dental Group want you healthy and free of pain so you can enjoy your
beautiful smile. Remember, dental pain almost always gets worse without attention, so call us at 617
484 2431 to schedule dental care with some of the nicest people you will ever meet.