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Emergency Dental Care Near Boston, MA

Throbbing pain or the loss of a permanent tooth can be scary events leading you to wonder if emergency dental services are the best answer. The good news is that Belmont Dental Group provides emergency dental care services in Belmont, MA for these scary times. Most dental emergencies can be treated immediately, helping alleviate your pain and suffering. It’s important to remember that receiving emergency dental care promptly is critical to restoring and maintaining your oral health. Call us immediately when you need emergency dental care services. Our team is here to ensure the health of your smile.


There are many reasons to contact us for emergency dental care, including:

  • Missing or Chipped Teeth – Fast action helps preserve missing or chipped teeth.
  • Severe Gum Pain –If you experience gum pain that lasts more than two days, it’s critical to contact us to help alleviate infection or severe gum disease.
  • Tooth Abscess –When pockets of pus develop underneath your teeth, they can be extremely painful. A tooth abscess can cause infection if left untreated, so it’s critical to contact us as soon as possible to address the issue.
  • Lost Crown or Filling – If you lose a cavity filling or crown, the opening in your mouth is susceptible to infection. We’ll replace it as soon as possible to help lower the risk of infection.

Contact Belmont Dental Group immediately if you experience any of these emergency dental issues.

Treatments for Dental Emergencies

There are many different types of treatment for dental emergencies. We’ll examine the issue to find the best course of treatment for your accident, injury, or problem. We may need to remove an infected tooth, treat your infection, or replace missing tooth fragments.

Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental treatment lowers your risk for infection and helps relieve pain as quickly as possible. We’ll assess the situation and quickly provide the best treatment for your specific needs. When dental trauma follows an accident or injury, it’s essential to get immediate treatment to help prevent the problem from becoming worse

Emergency Dental Care vs. Emergency Room

Visit your local emergency room if you experience severe emergency issues, including:

  • A severe blow to your teeth or head
  • Suspect you may have a concussion
  • Constant bleeding from head or mouth
  • Severe face, mouth, or gum swelling

Choose Belmont Dental Group For Emergency Dental Care

Belmont Dental Group has over 25 years of experience serving men, women, and children of all ages in Belmont and the surrounding areas of Cambridge, Boston, Winchester, Arlington, Bedford, Watertown. We’re proud to be your choice for family dental services. Our compassionate, committed dental team of James L. Nager, DMD; John H. Lapidus, DMD; Jacob A. Pourati, DMDDr. Sean M. Langton, DMD; and Dr. Nahed A. Lakkis, DMD puts an emphasis on high-quality dental services with personal attention. We’re here for all your dental healthcare needs.

Contact Us Today 

We understand dental emergencies are scary and happen at the most random times. Our Belmont Dental Group team is here for prompt, efficient emergency dental services. Contact us today if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment.

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