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Dental exams and cleanings in Belmont, MA

Belmont Dental Groups want you to know that regular examinations and cleanings  are the fast lane to your beautiful smile and confident appearance.  We take pride in the preventative mission of our practice.  The ticket to preventing dental problems is regular, routine and careful dental examinations.  From time to time, these examinations and cleanings are supplemented by x-rays, oral cancer screening, evaluation of the health of your gums, and inspection for areas of decay.

A stitch in time saves nine, so keep those routine and regular check ups!  The dentists at Belmont Dental Group want to help you:

  • Prevent Disease..because the little problems never stay little for long.
  • Keep your smil white and bright….because stained and discolored teeth are never in style.
  • Detect Breaks and cracks….We have sophisticated and painless ways to detect fractures, broken fillings and the bad odor that come with gum disease.
  • Save Money- small problems, smaller bills.
  • Protect your Heart- there is a strong link between dental disease and heart disease.  After all, your teeth are less than 10 inches from your heart.  Bacteria can drain down just by gravity.
  • COVID…. there are well established relationships between periodontal disease that can worsen and prolong the course of an infection.

Belmont Dental Group is ready to help you show off those pearly whites years-round with routing dental exams and cleanings.  Give us a call at (617) 484-2431.