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You Are in Good Hands!

At Belmont Dental Group, your smile is our top priority. We offer a number of procedures for all of your dental needs. Our team of dentists has more than 25 years of experience and wants to work with you to find the right dental treatment for your specific needs. We can offer candid feedback and information to help you make the right decision for treatment options. You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have; we want to ease any anxiety that you might have. Know that whichever dental treatment you receive, you can expect exceptional care from our devoted team of dentists.

We Offer the Following Procedures

  • RestorationsWe can restore your smile to its fullest potential by providing fillings, implants, crowns, dentures, and bridges.
  • Clear CorrectIf you would like to straighten your teeth but do not like the look of traditional metal braces, Clear Correct is an excellent alternative to consider.
  • Periodontal DiseaseOur dentist can diagnosis, treat, and maintain any gum disease you may have. Proper dental care is necessary to ensure your gums are healthy.

We Can Help you Prevent Oral Health Problems!

We are devoted to restoring and enhancing your natural smile, and all of our procedures are state of the art. Oral health education is very important to us and we can give you the proper information and education that could prevent many oral health problems. We want to work with you to give you the healthiest and brightest smile.

When you come to Belmont Dental Group, we can give you a positive dental experience. We believe that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary thing! Call us today at 617-484-2431 for more information about our procedures and to schedule an appointment.

Call Today to Schedule Your Appointment!