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Things to Know About Gum Disease

Gum disease may be the most common medical problem in the world. Even if you aren’t seeing red
on your toothbrush, most people who lose their teeth do so to gum disease and not cavities! Many serious medical conditions are associated with gum disease, such as diabetes and heart disease- No

Gum disease begins with your own genetics. Most people are susceptible.  When food debris and the sticky part of your saliva harden on the teeth, it is impossible for a person
to remove themselves. It continues to build up like a nasty coral reef, until your gums are red, your
breath is sour, and your bones start to dissolve themselves.

How about Uncle Eddie? His teeth have gotten an inch longer since you were little, as his bones die
away and leave these scraggly teeth exposed. Next thing you know, you could be putting a plastic
wafer into your mouth to pretend you still have teeth. Dentures don’t allow you the same ability to
taste food. It’s embarrassing when they fall out around other people. We have seen dozens of
desperate people whose dentures break right before the big wedding or long-awaited vacation.

Gum disease is a silent killer, like heart disease or diabetes- you don’t know it until it’s too late.
Come to the Belmont Dental Group and let our experienced doctors make sure your gum health stays
well, often with simple methods. The Hygienists at Belmont Dental Group are gentle and experience
in Preventative methods- the easiest and least expensive ways to make gum disease something other
people get!