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Can I floss my porcelain dental veneers

Porcelain veneers just keeping getting more popular, and with good reason. They’re perfect for restoring your smile and giving your mouth a fresh, beautiful appearance. What’s more, they help preserve integrity of your tooth structure, giving you a natural look that lasts for a long time. Porcelain dental veneers are also easy to maintain, and you can care for them as you’re caring for your natural teeth. But many people wonder, can I floss my porcelain dental veneers?

The answer is absolutely yes, you can floss your veneers, and you should. You will not risk pulling off your dental work by flossing around them, and while the porcelain of your veneers won’t decay, you need to brush and floss properly to protect the other teeth. Further, veneers only cover about half of the tooth to which they’re attached, and the other parts of the tooth will need thorough cleaning to prevent gum disease and cavities. Because the neighboring teeth and the additional surfaces of the teeth with veneers are vulnerable to plaque, brushing and flossing thoroughly is extremely important.

But what if you can’t floss between the veneers? Ideally, dental floss should easily slide between the veneers and up to the gums without encountering any resistance. If this is not the case, schedule an appointment with your dentist. The veneers may have been improperly crafted in the laboratory, or there may be excess cement getting in your way. Whatever the case may be, your dentist can fix the problem and get you back to flossing before your gums suffer any damage.

When you brush and floss, be gentle. Dental floss should slide easily between your teeth, as you wrap it against the neighboring tooth. The floss should form a c shape around the side of the veneer. Rubbing it up and down the side of the veneer and the tooth, you can remove the debris that can cause tooth decay. Don’t ever force the floss up and down, but allow it to slip under the edges of your gums as you floss. If it catches on something, call your dentist. Remember, dental veneers should be just as easy to clean as your natural teeth, and should keep your smile shining for many years to come.

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