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Dental solutions in Belmont

Your body makes over a quart of saliva a day!  Exercise, working in a dry environment, and hundreds of common medications decrease how much saliva you make. And there is a lot to love about the fresh breath and healthy teeth that depend on having enough.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean is a sure way to flash a beautiful smile wherever you go.  Brushing and flossing are essential actions to take care of them, but your everyday saliva production plays a vital role in the process.   Saliva protects your teeth by diluting the acids from food that attack your teeth.   Your gum health also depends on the immune factors that are unique to your saliva.  Dry Mouth can expose you to a number of dental problems and endanger your brilliant, beautiful smile.

Your mouth may not feel that dry to you because it doesn’t take a whole lot of saliva to swallow.  Our dental staff reviews your medication list every visit and can examine you for decreased salivary production.  You can be sure that if you are taking antacids, asthma medications, blood pressure, thyroid or cholesterol lowering medications that you are at risk for a whole list of new dental problems.

We have many suggestions that are easy and pleasant to help you recover your normal flow of saliva. Reach out to us at the Belmont Dental Group.   We have pioneered much of this work, having lectured at the prestigious Yankee Dental Congress and the Middlesex Dental Society.  If you have any questions about this, we invite you to contact us today to preserve your healthy, radiant smile.