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Dental crowns treatment in Belmont

Dental Crowns done at Belmont Dental Group fix a tooth’s function and appearance. We have been teaching in this department at Harvard Dental School for many years. Few dentists have more experience than we do.

A crown is like a new shirt for a tooth. It covers the tooth like a thimble. Made from beautiful and durable porcelains, crowns are cemented over your natural teeth.

A crown re-creates a lustrous, beautiful color—free of stains and ugly, large, old fillings.  It surrounds the tooth, protecting it against breaking and more dental work. On front teeth, crowns can give you the eyes-wide-open beautiful smile that everyone would want to have. Porcelain Crowns are undetectable most of the time. There is no ‘black line’ to see as you age. We can correct badly broken-down teeth, or often teeth that are not arranged evenly.

Myth: You do NOT have to have a root canal to have a crown. As a matter of fact, crowns make your teeth healthier.

Usually this is a simple two-appointment procedure. At the first appointment, we shape the tooth just right and take an impression. At the second visit, the crown has returned from the artisan that made it, and we adhere it to your tooth with strong cements. Soon, you will not remember which tooth we worked on!

Or, we can use our CEREC machine, which takes pictures of the teeth and makes that beautiful, white crown in a single visit.  Few offices have invested in this technology but we did!  It doesn’t cost the patient any more than the two-step method.  With CEREC there are no gummy, gaggy impressions.  ‘One and Done’ visits are highly appreciated by our busy patients.

Belmont Dental Group is proud of our history of healthy smiles, no matter how widely you grin. Give us a call today at (617) 484-2431, or you can contact us to get started on achieving your healthy, gorgeous smile.