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Complete dental check-ups in Belmont

Getting regular dental care is essential to keeping your teeth healthy, your smile beautiful, and your breath sweet.  Most dental problems have no symptoms until they are too late. Only regular checkups let you flash that grin without worry.

Going to the dentist causes many people more than just concern.  If you have anxiety about dental care, and you have plenty of company, we have solutions for you.

Anxiolysis is the term we use when a single, simple measure helps someone through their appointment.   Some people take a small dose of Valium or Triazolam before their appointment and that can really take the edge off.  Other people get Nitrous Oxide, also called Laughing Gas.  N-TWO-O is for dental fillings and the like.  Along with local anesthetic (“Novocaine”), nitrous really makes the time breeze by.  It’s very safe and you can drive yourself home.

Oral Conscious Sedation is a careful and scientific combination of common pills that are helpful when someone’s fear factor is high.   You do NOT go to sleep.  You just are sleepy and easily fall into your own thoughts while the dentist is working.   The pills take a few hours to wear off, so you must have a driver to and from the appointment, and someone who can watch you for a few hours after you get home.

We are trained and licensed in the use of Nitrous Oxide, and we have specific qualifications for Oral Conscious Sedation.  OCS is enough for most people.  If they truly need to go to sleep, we refer them to a place where they can perhaps get that done.

Destressing before a dental treatment is a good strategy.  Plan to get there early enough so you aren’t rushing, and still leave time for a peppy walk on Concord Ave.  Bring your earbuds and listen to a podcast or your own music.  Most of all, get your questions answered so you aren’t mystified by what the plan is for the day.

None of our medicines is any substitute for careful, gentle hands.   We take pride in showing our concern for you by being gentle and caring.  Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.