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Foods for Optimum Oral Health

Belmont Dental Group wants you to love your healthy attractive smile. As the front end of the digestive system, WHAT you eat has a big influence on HOW you look!  We all know that avoiding sticky, sugary and processed foods are not good for teeth or for you. Food that HELP your healthy smiles are vegetables of all colors, and calcium-rich ones like broccoli or kale.

*Water- drinking water helps clean your teeth. Water helps dilute the poisons bacteria make. If you
have water from the tap, it may be enriched with Flouride- one of the biggest health improvements in
all of human history! Some of our patients use products like Smart Water brand that have a pH of 7.4.
That’s a little better than plain water, because it does a better job destroying bacterial acids- and it’s

*Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese- are a great way to give your body the Calcium it needs, and phosphorus
and Vitamin D, all of which make for healthy teeth.

*Fish like Salmon, Sardines or Charlie The Tuna contain lots of Calcium, Vitamin D. And the Omega-3
fatty acids of these sources are linked to better gum health.

*Healthy snacks like pretzels or popcorn are a lot better for you than highly processed foods and

When it comes to what you eat for meals and snacks, the doctors at Belmont Dental Group
encourage you to take care of your smile with healthy foods and drinks. The foods that are healthy for
the rest of your body are good for that million-dollar smile. We here at Belmont Dental Group will fill
you in ho how a little change in what you snack on and what’s on the dinner plate saves you big
bucks. And who doesn’t like to learn easy tricks to look your best, smile your biggest? Contact us
today at 617 484 2431 to schedule an appointment with our dental team.