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A dental implant can be a life changing procedure, but sometimes you might need an additional procedure for it to work. If you’re talking to your dentist about dental implants in Belmont but you don’t have enough bone mass, a sinus augmentation might be the way to go. A sinus augmentation is a safe procedure that adjusts your sinus floor so that you can receive restorations like dental implants. If you think you might be interested in this type of procedure, continue and learn what exactly sinus augmentation is.

Not everyone needs sinus augmentation treatment, but it can be a saving grace for those who do. The purpose of sinus augmentation is to gently push up the sinus floor so that there is room for bone to form. The procedure is relatively simple, and it involves a small incision around your molar or upper premolar area. After your oral surgeon makes the incision, he or she will cut into the bone and carefully push up the membrane that lines the sinus. From there, your dental professional can fill the space with bone graft material before closing the incision. Then you can undergo dental implant treatment.

Stop Sinusitis