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Dental Surgery Aftercare by Belmont Dental Group

If you undergo a dental procedure, you can trust Belmont Dental Group to keep you as comfortable as possible while we provide treatment. We also want you to have the best possible recovery experience while your body heals. Pajamas pants, some favorite movies to stream, and dedicated time to rest may be a must for you. Below are some other helpful tips on how to care for yourself after finishing a procedure:

Rest After Your Procedure – Let your body recover. The best way to help your body to recover is to sit up. Keep your head propped up, even if you want to lie down, to reduce oral and facial swelling and promote correct blood flow to your head. Propping your head also reduces bleeding after a procedure.

Apply Ice to Your Face – Reduce facial swelling by applying ice to it throughout the day. It’s important to stick to an “on and off” strategy when it comes to applying ice.  A recommended strategy is to apply ice for 10 minutes and then go without ice for 10 minutes. Follow this pattern for the first day to reduce swelling.

Eat Soft Foods – Stick with soft foods after your bleeding stops for the first one to two days following a procedure. Some examples include mashed potatoes, yogurt, jell-o, and soups. 

Avoid Hot, Hard, or Crunchy Foods and Beverages – Drinking or eating hot foods or beverages following a procedure can lead to accidental burns, making your recovery more difficult. Popcorn, carrots, chips, and other hard or crunchy foods are bad ideas for the first six to eight weeks after oral surgery. They can cause pain and damage to the affected area.

Follow Your Medication Instructions – Take your prescribed medication as instructed as soon as possible, even without feeling pain. Preventing pain is simpler than treating it once you feel it. Don’t skip doses, even if you must wake up to take it in the middle of the night. Remember, if you skip a dose, all you’re doing is trying to play catchup with the pain.

Keep Your Mouth Clean – While you want to avoid rinsing your mouth or spitting for a day following your procedure, it’s important to to rinse your mouth in the following day or two. The best way to rinse is to add 1 level teaspoon of coarse salt to 1 cup of warm water. Try to do this twice a day to clean away bacteria and food debris.

Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol for 24 Hours – Make sure to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for the first 24 hours after an oral procedure. Mixing alcohol with an antibiotic or pain medication can interfere with it. The action of smoking is similar to using a straw, which can harm the healing process.

Remember We are Here for You – Our dentists are always here for you, even when our office is closed. If you call and get the automated voicemail, just keep listening, we list how to get ahold of each of our dentists, in case you ever need us. Don’t hesitate to call, you can always reach someone who can help you.

Oral surgeries and other procedures are sometimes necessary, but you can make your recovery much easier with the helpful tips listed above. Belmont Dental Group wants to make sure that you are knowledgeable before a surgery, so that you can help your body heal and you can get back to your daily life. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment for dental care, or you can call us at (617) 484-2431 with questions about an upcoming dental procedure and what to expect.