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Dental fluoride treatments in Belmont

Fluoride treatments are an excellent way to help take care of your teeth.

Belmont Dental Group is a strong advocate for keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful, and the natural mineral fluoride is a huge help. Fluoride is in a variety of everyday foods and drinks, including fish soups, tea, water, and food you cook in fluoridated water. The fluoride seeps into the surface of your enamel, making it much harder. It’s a lot more difficult for decay to start when your teeth are so strong.

We know over our long experience that the addition of fluoride to the public water system has prevented many kids from getting many cavities. It’s one of the greatest public health boons of all time.

We apply professional strength fluoride to your teeth. The benefit is less cavities. If you have fillings, they last much longer when fluoride is all around them.

Not only is fluoride all good with no down side for you, it’s also easy to have applied. No numbing is needed, and it only takes minutes.

With fluoride treatments, you can preserve a bright, beautiful smile, extend the life of any fillings you do have, and prevent the need for dental intervention at all! Good deal for you. Belmont Dental Group is proud to offer this service to children, adolescents, and adults who need help keeping their teeth in top condition. Feel free to contact us to schedule this or any other dental need, or you can call us at (617) 484-2431 to speak to one of our nice staff.