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There are several oral hygiene aids that can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and root canal infections. Oral irrigators are handheld machines that shoot a jet of water out of a tip. This water can clean off the debris that gathers between teeth and under the gum line. If you are looking for additional methods to boost your oral health and lower your risk of gum disease near Belmont, then you may consider using an oral irrigator. Continue reading to learn more of the benefits that come with this oral hygiene aid.

Oral irrigators should not replace your daily tooth brushing or flossing habits. However, you can use an irrigator to ensure your teeth and gums are healthier than ever. The jet of water that comes out of the irrigator tip can flush out the bacteria and food particles that gather under your gum line. Removing harmful bacteria can prevent tooth decay and infections in your gums, which can both lead to infected root canals and root canal therapy. If you are unsure if oral irrigators are right for you, then speak with your dentist about your choices in oral hygiene aids.

Use of Oral Irrigator in Belmont, MA