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Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments available in dentists’ offices. The treatment consists of several clear, plastic trays—also called aligners—that slowly shift your crooked or gapped teeth into their correct positions over the course of a year. Your dentist will give you instructions for how to care for and when to change your Invisalign aligners at the start of your treatment. Read on to see the average amount of time spent wearing each aligner during Invisalign treatment in Belmont.

Each aligner is slightly different from the others in your treatment, because each aligner will shift your teeth closer to their correct positions. You will see your dentist every four to eight weeks throughout your treatment, and he will further instruct you on continuing your treatment. On average, you will change your aligners every two weeks. However, your dentist may advise a different rate of change according to the severity of your orthodontic situation. Follow your dentist’s instructions, and do not hesitate to contact the dentist’s office for more information.

A Man holding Aligners