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Are Dental Procedures Safe to Undergo While Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, the wellbeing of the child you are carrying is your primary focus. It’s important, though, that you don’t neglect your own health. Make sure to schedule preventive care appointments, including optometry and dental care. You may feel comfortable getting a cleaning and a checkup, but what happens if you need dental surgery? Which dental procedures are safe to undergo when you’re pregnant?

Even though many women believe that going to the dentist during pregnancy is unsafe, this is actually a myth. In fact, staying healthy and strong is important when you’re about to become a mom, and that means keeping up with your dental health. In some cases, making sure your mouth stays healthy may require surgery.

For example, if you’ve got tooth decay, it may begin to affect a nerve ending inside your tooth, becoming very painful. In that situation, your dentist might recommend a root canal or tooth extraction. This will not only alleviate pain but also make your mouth healthier, which helps the health of your entire body. This kind of procedure will cause you some discomfort, but it won’t impact your baby’s health in any way.

Likewise, if a mom-to-be requires sedation for a dental procedure, this will not have an effect on the baby. Because the anesthesia used in dental procedures doesn’t impact the baby negatively, sedation dentistry is safe for pregnant women. Both general and local anesthesia are safe, so if that’s what’s concerning you about dental surgery during pregnancy, don’t worry. You can safely choose the right dental health care, without fear of harm to your little one.

There are some exceptions, however. If you need x-rays, it’s best to have them in the second trimester, because by then your baby’s essential organs have already formed. Further, pregnancy is not necessarily the time to have elective procedures. If you need a dental surgery during the third trimester, but it’s not an emergency situation, your dentist may advise you to wait until after delivery to have the procedure performed.

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