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Teeth whitening in Belmont is all the rage these days, as this type of treatment can undo years of staining and discoloration of your enamel. Since your teeth are porous, they absorb chromogens and become stained over time, but your dentist can help. White composite fillings cannot change color. Watch this video and get the facts about removing teeth stains.

As delicious as coffee, wine, and chocolate may be, all of these food products contain staining agents that can leave their mark. If you want to brighten up your teeth, you can undergo teeth whitening treatment inside or outside of the dental office. Over-the-counter products like whitening toothpastes, strips, and trays can all be effective in removing stains. If you need a deeper, more thorough bleaching, you should visit your dentist. Remember that you can’t use teeth whitening to change porcelain restorations like dental crowns and veneers, so talk to your dentist before you get started.