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Your dentist might use a dental x-ray to check you for certain oral health issues, but how safe is this procedure in itself? You wouldn’t want to undergo dental treatment that does more harm than good, and you should always understand exactly what you’re signing up for. This means doing your research and working with a dentist near Belmont that you are comfortable with. Feel free to read ahead if you’re interested in examining the safety of dental x-rays.

As long as your dentist is trained and experienced in administering x-rays, and the proper precautions are taken, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when you go in for yours. It’s best to minimize your exposure to radiation, and you can do this with the help of a lead apron and modern x-ray technology. You might not realize that everyone is exposed to radiation on a daily basis, just in small amounts. When you go in for a dental x-ray and have your whole mouth imaged, you’ll be exposed to about a day’s worth of natural radiation in the one sitting. Ask your dentist what else you can do to protect yourself from radiation and enjoy your oral health.

Dental X-rays