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Posted on Jan 9, 2018

Keeping your normal teeth in your mouth is ideal, but sometimes it’s not the most feasible option. If a tooth is too badly damaged to restore, you’ll probably need to have it removed and replaced. Extreme tooth decay is a common reason for a dentist near Belmont to remove a tooth, as severe decay can also lead to infection. Overcrowding also contributes to dental health problems. In some cases, you may have a tooth removed so that you can have a dental restoration put in place. Keep reading and explore the common reasons for tooth extractions.

Extreme Tooth Decay

Modern dentistry can do a good job of saving natural teeth, but not all teeth can be saved. In the case of extreme decay, you might also experience abscess and infection. If it’s impossible to clean out the natural tooth, your dentist can prevent infection from spreading by taking it out and replacing it with a prosthetic.


If it feels like there are too many teeth in your mouth, you may have an overcrowding problem. Teeth that are crammed together in a tight space won’t thrive, and they can make it difficult to practice proper dental hygiene. This increases your risk for all kinds of oral health issues, especially tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist can solve this problem by pulling the necessary teeth and using braces to guide your natural teeth into healthier positions. Overcrowding can also prevent new teeth from erupting, which is another problem that extraction can deal with.


The dentist can offer restorations to bring broken teeth back to life, but sometimes a tooth might be too far gone. In this case, the tooth may need to be removed so your dentist can replace it with a prosthetic. You may have a problem tooth removed to make room for a dental implant, which will look and act just like your natural tooth. As nice as it is to keep all your natural teeth for your whole life, this type of restoration may be worth the tooth extraction.

Tooth extractions