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When a patient is searching for the means to replace his missing teeth, he will come across dentures in Belmont. Dentures are usually a custom-made dental restorative that can replace several or all of a patient’s missing teeth. There are many determining factors, such as the level of health, which a dentist will go over to decide if a patient is the right candidate to receive dentures.

All or Most Teeth Are Missing

When a patient begins to lose teeth, either due to illness, infection, or an accident, he will soon have to consider the manner in which to replace the missing teeth. If he has lost all of his teeth or most of the teeth located on the upper or lower portion of the mouth, then he is a good candidate to receive dentures. Dentures can represent a full mouth of teeth or one of the upper or lower portions of the mouth. If a patient has lost these teeth, or must have them removed, then he may choose to have custom-made dentures.

Patient Has Poor Health

Some patients may choose conventional dentures, or their dentists will recommend them, due to the patients’ poor health. Other options to replace missing teeth include dental implants; however, patients generally need to be in good dental and overall health to receive implants. When patients suffer from a lowered immune system, frequent medical complications, or dental infections, a dentist may suggest using dentures until health can improve enough for implants, if the patient chooses.

Patient Does Not Want Dental Implants

Patients have more options than ever before to replace their missing teeth. They can choose dental implants, dentures, dental bridges, and more. However, many patients will choose to receive dentures over implants for various reasons. Some patients may prefer the feel of dentures, the noninvasive quality, or the lowered cost, in comparison to dental implants. These patients are the right candidates for dentures, because they know the differences between the various dental restorations.

Right candidate for dentures