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While scheduling regular trips to your child’s dentist in Belmont can help protect the health of her teeth and gums, good oral care isn’t always enough to prevent the need for urgent treatment. Continue reading for information that every parent should know regarding dental emergencies.

Cracked Teeth

Accidents can happen at any time, and a cracked tooth isn’t an uncommon dental emergency among children. If your child has cracked one of her teeth, first clean the area by rinsing out her mouth with warm water. Then, apply a cold compress to her face to help control any swelling. Lastly, bring your child to see her dentist as soon as possible to help prevent the risk of infection and the need for a root canal.

Bit Tongue or Lip

Many of the same accidents that can cause a cracked tooth might lead to a bit lip or tongue, instead. In the case of this type of emergency, begin by carefully cleaning the area with water. Then, apply a cold compress to help prevent swelling. Finally, bring your child to the emergency room or her dentist as quickly as possible.


Among the most common dental emergencies that you may have to deal with as a parent are toothaches. If your child is complaining because of a painful tooth, you should first rinse her mouth with warm water and then use dental floss to try to remove any food that may be stuck between her teeth. If her pain persists, contact her dentist. Treating this type of problem sooner rather than later can help prevent the need for root canals or extractions.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your child’s tooth has been knocked out, then you should check her for other injuries and remember to call 911 if you feel it is necessary. If the lost tooth is a permanent one, then it’s important to handle it by the crown and keep it constantly moist by placing it in a container of water, milk, or saliva after gently rinsing it in water. Bring your child and her tooth to the dentist right away.