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Posted on Jan 23, 2018

Having a dry mouth is uncomfortable, and it makes it difficult to break down your food. Xerostomia near Belmont tends to affect older people, tobacco users, and people with certain medical conditions. This dental health condition is an issue not only because it makes it harder to eat, but also because you need your saliva to flush out food debris and bacteria from your mouth. If you have dry mouth, it’s easy for these contaminants to cling to your enamel and cause tooth decay. Read on and see what conditions can cause dry mouth.

Sleep apnea is a health condition that’s typically characterized by snoring. People who experience sleep apnea may snore all night, every night, which dries out the mouth. Severe medical conditions like diabetes and cancer can also inhibit saliva production. A lack of saliva can lead to gum disease, which can come back around and amplify the progression of these medical conditions. In addition to the conditions themselves, medications used to treat certain health issues can also lead to xerostomia. If you suffer from dry mouth, drink water as often as you can to replenish your saliva and ask your dentist about oral care products that can help.

Dry Mouth