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Dental anxiety can make it difficult for you to stay comfortable while meeting with your dentist near Belmont, and severe anxiety may cause you to miss appointments altogether. If dental anxiety is something that plagues you and keeps you from enjoying the oral health you deserve, consider opening up to your dentist. You can work together to think of ways to reduce your anxiety, and you can discuss the potential benefits of sedation dentistry. Keep reading for tips on starting the conversation with your dentist.

Be Open and Straightforward

It’s not always easy to talk about anxiety, no matter what it is that actually makes you nervous. When you meet with your dentist, remember that you are in complete control. It’s helpful to be as honest as possible—you’re not the only one with dental anxiety, and chances are good that your dentist has heard similar stories before. The more your dentist understands about your mindset, the better job he or she can do to make you comfortable during your treatments.

Come Up with Ideas

People use different methods to alleviate their anxiety. Some people like to exercise, others like to meditate, and still others try taking naps. Unfortunately, none of these seem like they would work out in a dental setting. If you’re wondering how you can quell your dental anxiety when you visit the office, ask your dentist for ideas. You can also do some research and see what works for other people. Try making a relaxing playlist so you can reassure yourself throughout your visits to the dentist, and consider looking into controlled breathing for before, during, and after the experience.

Discuss Sedation Dentistry

If you feel nervous when you visit your dentist, ask about sedation dentistry. This type of dentistry is all about keeping you comfortable with the help of anxiolytic drugs. It makes it easier to sit through anything from a dental cleaning to a root canal, and it can even make it feel like the whole process went by in a flash. Ask your dentist what kind of sedation dentistry he or she offers.

Sedation dentistry