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The teenage years are a transition period for young people and parents alike. It’s during these years that teens can face a lot of changes, including to their oral health. For parents, keeping their teens on track with oral hygiene is an important part of ensuring that their kids enter adulthood with healthy teeth and gums. To help your teens stay committed to good oral health, schedule regular dentist checkups in Belmont for them and keep these tips in mind.

Keep Junk Food Out of The House

Teens generally get more freedom to make their own food choices than they have had in the past, especially when they start driving and eat more meals out with friends. For many teens, part of the transition involves going through a phase of reaching for junk food whenever possible. These kinds of food, especially candy and sticky sweets, linger on the teeth and feed the bacteria that cause cavities. Make up for the snacks your teen is probably eating away from home by stocking the house with healthier food choices.

Open the Lines of Communication

Some oral health risks for teens are the result of experimentation. Teens may try smoking, using chewing tobacco, and getting oral piercings, and these things can in turn lead to disease and decay. Talk to your teens about these risks, and encourage them to come to you when they’re considering trying something new. When they are open with you, you get the opportunity to talk to them about these risks and dissuade them from putting their oral health on the line.

Be an Example

Teens may seem like they want to do their own thing, but they are still watching you for cues. Show your teens that your oral health is a priority for you by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist for checkups twice per year. If you experience an oral health problem, such as gum disease or tooth loss, talk to your teen about your health issue and what you think you could have done to prevent it.

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