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Visiting your dentist near Belmont is not something you should feel anxious about, but if you do experience dental anxiety, you are not alone. Dental anxiety is a common problem experienced by people of all ages and walks of life. If you are worried about visiting your dentist for regular cleanings, root canals, or other dental treatments, ask about sedation dentistry and consider the following tips for handling dental anxiety.

Avoid Unneeded Stress
In order to minimize your anxiety before and during a dental appointment, avoid unnecessary stress on the day of the appointment. Schedule your appointment on a day when you do not have to worry about work or personal obligations. If possible, make your appointment on a day that you do not have to work at all so you don’t have to rush to and from your dental visit.

Practice Relaxation Techniques
Distracting yourself before and during your dental appointment with something you enjoy can help prevent dental anxiety. Bring headphones and a music player with you to your appointment so you can listen to relaxing music during your dental procedure. Alternatively, you can listen to an audio book while your dentist is performing your tooth cleaning, gum disease treatment, or other dental service. Taking deep, calming breaths while you are preparing for your appointment can also be helpful.

Let Your Dentist Know
Communicating with your dentist or periodontist is the best way to address your dental anxiety. Your dentist can explain everything that will happen during your appointment before your treatment begins, which can help you feel more in control during the procedure. Sedation dentistry may also be an option—this treatment will help you relax and feel at ease while your dentist works to preserve your oral health. If you are concerned about your upcoming appointment, be sure to discuss whether this option will be right for you with your dentist.

Beat Dental Anxiety With Belmont Dental Group