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For many years, the standard solution for tooth misalignment has been braces. Fortunately braces have continued to benefit from advancements made possible by modern dental technology. Although you should talk to your dentist if you think you need braces, there are a few signs that you might look out for. If your son or daughter has too many teeth, crooked teeth, or a misaligned bite, he or she may benefit from treatment with braces. Here is a closer look at some of the signs that your son or daughter may need braces.


People only have so much room in their mouths; between your tongue, your jaw, and all of your teeth and gums, it is important that everything fits right. Unfortunately, some people experience overcrowding in their mouths. This occurs when too many teeth grow in, forcing some teeth to move out of position. Alignment problems that stem from overcrowding may make it difficult for your son or daughter to practice proper dental hygiene or even chew and speak normally. Fortunately, your dentist can identify this issue and recommend a combination of treatments to address it. A dentist will typically perform one or more extractions before suggesting braces in the case of overcrowding.

Crooked Teeth

Although it does not always occur, overcrowding can also lead to crooked teeth. Your son or daughter might have teeth jabbing at each other and causing toothaches and pain, or the misalignment of the teeth might be causing other comfort problems. Crooked teeth can also be more difficult to care for than straight teeth because it can be tougher to reach the necessary surfaces. Braces can straighten out crooked teeth, boosting your son or daughter’s confidence and oral health at the same time.


While a slight overbite tends to be normal, malocclusions like crossbites and underbites are not. If your son or daughter’s top and bottom teeth do not meet each other properly, braces might be the ideal solution. Braces will improve the alignment of jaws and teeth so that they can work together in the most efficient way possible.

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