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Posted on Feb 8, 2018

Missing even one tooth makes a difference in your smile and your quality of life, so missing multiple teeth has an even more pronounced effect. Dentures near Belmont can be partial or full, but they’re not necessarily perfect solutions to the problems that missing teeth come with. If you’re having problems with your dentures, don’t wait to talk to your dentist about alternative options. One area where dentures tend to fall short is making it difficult to chew properly. This turns people off to some healthy foods like crunchy fruits and vegetables, so they end up sacrificing their dieting habits. Read ahead and overcome denture-related chewing problems with full-mouth dentures.

If you already have partial dentures and they’re not fitting right in between your other teeth, you may find yourself fiddling with them between bites just to get through a meal. If you have a full mouth of dentures but they won’t stay in place either, you may deal with a similar problem. Combining implants and dentures may be the solution. Your dentist can place implant-supported dentures that replace both arches of your teeth, and they won’t move around when you eat. Consider this option and eat healthily and comfortably.

Partial or full-mouth dentures