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Posted on Feb 2, 2018

There are plenty of myths about fluoride going around, but your dentist near Belmont will help you separate fact from fiction. The myths that circulate regarding fluoride are due to misinformation that come from people who don’t have any background in the dental health industry. There has been debate about how natural and healthy it is, what it can do for your teeth, and whether it’s appropriate for children. In reality, there’s no scientific debate about any of these alleged issues. Continue reading if you’d like to get the facts about fluoride.

It’s Naturally Occurring

Some people have an issue with fluoride being added to water, but fluoride actually already occurs in water naturally. Whenever you drink water from any source, you take in some amount of fluoride. Too much fluoride can be bad for you, which is why the process of adding fluoride to municipal water systems is an incredibly meticulous one, which is performed by professionals who have done their research. When the right balance is achieved, fluoride can protect our health without any risk of harm or illness.

It Helps Your Teeth

Fluoride is good for our health in general, but it’s particularly effective in strengthening our teeth and protecting them from decay. The amount of fluoride found naturally in water isn’t quite enough to make a difference to our health, which is why water is often fluoridated. Not everyone brushes their teeth, flosses, uses mouthwash, or sees the dentist frequently enough. These people might benefit most from drinking water or receiving fluoride treatments. You can protect your teeth from decay and bolster your oral health just by getting the right amount of fluoride.

It’s Important for Children

Fluoride strengthens children’s teeth as they grow, and the effects can continue to bolster their oral health throughout the rest of their lives. Childhood fluoridation can keep paying off for decades and decades.

Facts about fluoride