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Often confused with porcelain veneers in Belmont, porcelain inlays are actually custom made fillings. Porcelain inlays are designed to both repair teeth and improve their cosmetic appearance.

Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-colored sheaths that cover only the fronts of teeth, masking any imperfections. Conversely, porcelain inlays are alternatives to traditional silver or composite fillings. Porcelain inlays are a conservative method by which a dentist can repair and restore teeth that have been damaged or decayed. Porcelain inlays can also be used to replace old, defective fillings. Dentists often recommend porcelain inlays as an alternative to dental crowns. While dental crowns are necessary in cases of severe tooth decay or damage, a porcelain inlay is preferred when damage is minimal or moderate. You can benefit from porcelain inlays if you have a fractured or decayed tooth or want to cosmetically enhance your teeth. Your dentist may also recommend porcelain inlays to replace large or fractured fillings. Porcelain inlays are generally placed in two appointments. In your initial appointment, a customized mold is made. After the inlays are created in a lab, your dentist will use your second appointment to place them over your teeth.

Benefits from Porcelain Inlays by Belmont Dental Group