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With summer already in bloom, summer activities like swimming and outdoor sports, are becoming popular for all ages. Though many people are not expecting a dental emergency like a knocked-out tooth, emergency root canal, or severe toothache near Belmont, these emergencies are more common than you think. Continue reading for some simple ways to avoid potential dental emergencies this summer.

Walk, Don’t Run

Most likely, you or your children will be swimming at a pool, walking on a dock, or sitting on a boat deck this summer. What do all of these locations have in common? They are surrounded by water, so they can frequently become wet. With all of these puddles and slick surfaces, even walking can be hazardous at times. If you are running, no matter how secure you think you are, you can easily slip and knock out a tooth or split your lip. When you are surrounded by wet surfaces, walk to your location, and do not run.

Watch Where You Are Going

You should be aware of where you are walking, but you need to be mindful of where you are swimming, as well. When people swim laps or children play underwater, their eyes might be closed, so they may not realize how close they are to the pool wall. People tend to run into the wall, either hurting their head or possibly knocking out a tooth. Be mindful of your surroundings when swimming in the pool, and consider wearing goggles to help you see better underwater.

Wear a Mouth Guard

Whenever you play a sport or swim in the pool, it is best to wear a custom-made mouth guard, which can be ordered at your local dental office. Mouth guards, which can be clear like Invisalign aligners, are usually made of a firm yet pliable plastic that will protect your teeth and gums from impact trauma. In the case of falling or getting hit during a game like basketball or volleyball, or accidentally hitting the wall while swimming, a mouth guard is one of the best forms of protection.