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If you have advanced periodontal disease in Belmont, then your dentist may suggest a number of treatments to correct your dental health. These procedures may include scaling and planing, root canal treatment, and even tooth extraction. Along with these treatments, your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to help kill infectious bacteria present on your gums. Continue reading for a brief look at topical antibiotics.

Topical antibiotics for dental conditions come in gels and strips. These antibiotics are preferable to oral antibiotics because they will not affect the entire body; the antibiotics will affect only the immediate area they are exposed to. Most likely, your dentist or hygienist will apply the gel or strip following your scaling and planing procedure. Some topical antibiotics, such as PerioChip®, are inserted directly into the gum pocket. Other options, like Atridox®, are in gel form and are applied to cover and solidify over the infected gum tissue. Speak with your dentist about the many options you have available when you need antibiotics following a dental procedure.