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Has your dentist in Belmont diagnosed you with gum disease? If so, then he may recommend a more thorough oral hygiene routine to combat the infection in your gums. Also, depending on the severity of the condition, other treatments, such as pocket reduction surgery, may be advised.

In a healthy mouth, the gum tissue sits snugly around each tooth. In a mouth affected by gum disease, however, pockets often form between the gums and teeth, which is a result of bone and soft tissue being destroyed by the bacterial infection. To help a patient’s gums recover by removing the pockets where bacteria accumulate, dentists sometimes recommend pocket reduction surgery.

Also known as pocket elimination or flap surgery, pocket reduction surgery is a surgical treatment for gum disease that is designed to reduce the size of the pockets between the patient’s teeth and gums. When left alone, the deepening pockets can give the bacteria locations to colonize and worsen the infection. Pocket reduction surgery can help eliminate this issue and promote your recovery from gum disease.

Pocket reduction surgery