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Has your dentist near Belmont recommended that you get a dental crown? Dental crowns are protective covers that are placed around a damaged or decayed tooth to restore the tooth. Not only do crowns provide protection against additional damage from bruxism or other impacts, but they also cover up any severe discoloration on your tooth. Finally, crowns offer support for other types of dental work, such as bridges or dental implants.

There are several different types of dental crowns available. Metal crowns are one especially durable option. Although they are more visible than crowns formed from other types of materials, metal crowns very rarely break. Plus, they are difficult to see when applied to the back teeth. Resin crowns are designed to look like your natural teeth and are less conspicuous than metal crowns. However, they can break easily. Finally, porcelain crowns are both natural-looking and durable, making them a great overall option. No matter what type of crown you choose, you may consider using sedative dentistry to make the installation procedure an anxiety-free experience.

Benefits of dental crowns