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If you are looking for a dental treatment that can change your life without changing the way you live it, consider talking to your dentist in Belmont about Invisalign. This treatment can provide the same results as traditional braces while eliminating a great deal of the inconvenience. Continue reading to learn about how Invisalign treatment works.

Much like any other orthodontic treatment, Invisalign starts with a visit to your dentist. Your dentist will assess your teeth and formulate a treatment plan that is tailored to fit your specific needs. You will then receive your first set of aligners, which are custom plastic trays that will gradually guide your teeth into place. Every two weeks, you will use a new set of aligners to move your teeth slightly closer to the desired end result, and you will meet with your dentist for regular checkups at six-week intervals. With each new set of aligners and new stage of treatment, your teeth will move closer to their proper alignment.