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Bruxism is the term dentists use to describe the action of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Many individuals suffer from bruxism in Belmont, but the good news is that bruxism is treatable. If you are a tooth-grinder, you will want to talk to your dentist about the issue because bruxism can lead to other dental problems such as receding gums, tooth erosion, facial pain, and other conditions.

There are several different methods that your dentist will use to treat bruxism. A common method of treatment is for patients to wear a mouthguard when they sleep. Although bruxism can occur when people are awake, sleep bruxism is more common. If you are being treated for your bruxism with a mouthguard, the process will begin with your dentist using tooth impressions to mold a custom mouthguard to your teeth and gums. Another method for treating bruxism is the implementation of an NTI-tss device. An NTI-tss device is fitted into your mouth to cover only your front teeth to prevent grinding. Botox is also used to treat bruxism. Just as Botox treats wrinkles by relaxing your facial muscles, it can be used to treat bruxism by relaxing your jaw muscles.

Bruxism Treatment in Belmont, MA