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Patients often turn to sugar-free sodas and candies in the hopes that these products will prevent tooth decay from harming their dental health near Belmont. However, these products can cause just as many problems as sugar-filled products, potentially causing increased tooth decay, root canal infections, and gum disease.

As seen in the video, sugar-free sodas and sports drinks still contain acid. These acids bond with the tooth enamel and can cause significant tooth decay, leading to cavities and root canal infections. Sugar-free candies can contain the same harmful additives, causing just as much harm on dental health as sugar-free drinks.

Patients should strive to eat a tooth-healthy diet and refrain from drinking or eating sodas and candies of all kinds. A tooth-healthy diet will consist of crunchy vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and calcium-rich foods and drinks. These products will lead to strong overall and dental health.