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The New Normal – Arriving at Belmont Dental Group

For everyone’s health and safety:
Please call 617-484-2431 from your car when you are parked.

Your assistant will open a side door and escort you in. Unless you need a helper, please come in alone. The waiting room is closed. ☹

First you get a mask and gloves!

Everybody, even us, answers some simple screening questions about COVID-19.

We will take your temperature with a no touch thermometer.

This is really the best time to settle your bill in advance of treatment. We recognize that this is odd, but it’s what all the doctors, veterinarians, even hairdressers are doing now to reduce the number of people you come into contact with. So sorry. We hope it will be temporary.

And then it is Off to the treatment Room! Where you can expect the same gentle, professional and concerned care you have always gotten. And Thank You from All of Us for Understanding!

Challenge Accepted!

Setting the Standard for Practice Excellence

What We Did During The Shut Down

Medical Grade HEPA Filters installed in every treatment room and the common areas
HVAC Air Volume has been turned up to maximum
Plexiglass shields installed at the desk
Magazines and pamphlets have been removed
All treatment rooms are sprayed with a safe and proven atomized disinfectant whenever they have been used; common areas are sprayed periodically throughout the day.

Before Your Appointment

Phone confirmation including a brief medical questionnaire
We won’t call you in until a room has been impeccably prepared.

During Your Visit

New procedures for entering and leaving that minimize contact with other people
The waiting room is going unused until we know how best to social distance people.
All patients get gloves to wear while in the office

Ongoing Best Practices

All of us, including the doctors, are screened daily prior to work
Masks are on us all the time, and on the patients when they are not in treatment rooms.
Even during break times, the staff practices social distancing and staggered schedules.
Less paper goes from hand to hand
Sterilization for some items is enhanced also with UV light
Scrubs and shoes never leave the office and are laundered right here

We are limiting the number of people in the office and staggering how they enter. We believe that we are a leader in the community instituting the most up to date and serious attention to the health of the public and ourselves. As Clinical Instructors at Harvard, we have access to the most informed knowledge from the Chan School of Public Health.

Call Today to Schedule Your Appointment!