Setting the Record Straight About Sensitive Teeth

Many patients do not understand sensitive teeth. They may not recognize the different causes, such as root canal issues or gum recession. Patients also do not understand the ways they may be causing their teeth sensitivity with overuse of dental products or poor dental hygiene. However, there are various ways to prevent and treat teeth sensitivity. Continue reading below to learn how dentists in Belmont can help patients address and prevent their teeth sensitivity.

There are several causes.

Sensitive teeth can be caused by several different factors, and anyone can experience teeth sensitivity. More well-known causes of teeth sensitivity come from gum disease and tooth decay. If patients do not practice daily dental hygiene and visit their dentist regularly, then they are more susceptible to developing gum disease and tooth decay. Other lesser-known causes of teeth sensitivity are bruxism—also known as teeth grinding—and excessive use of teeth whitening products and mouthwash. These products can cause tooth enamel to degrade, which makes the sensitive dentin and root canal nerves more vulnerable.

There are simple preventions.

Several causes of teeth sensitivity are preventable. The best ways to prevent teeth sensitivity are to perform regular oral hygiene and visit the dentist for routine checkups. In addition to these necessary practices, patients should refrain from using hard-bristled toothbrushes and brushing too hard. If a patient has a history of teeth grinding, then he or she should invest in a custom-made mouthguard to prevent future teeth sensitivity and gum recession. Dentists can also offer simple ways to prevent teeth sensitivity.

There are various treatments.

The most common treatment for teeth sensitivity is desensitizing toothpastes that can be purchased at a local drugstore. Dentists can also offer other desensitizing solutions, such as restorative procedures and temporary strips that adhere to the gum line and help desensitize the nerves. Patients who experience extreme sensitivity or pain should speak with their dentist about the possible causes, preventions, and treatments of the pain.

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