Blog Posts in March, 2017

Signs That Your Smile Could Benefit from Invisalign

Straightening your teeth can drastically improve the look of your smile, but you may dislike the idea of wearing traditional braces. If this sounds like you, then consider speaking with your dentist ...
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Are Bleeding Gums Normal?

While many people realize the importance of having healthy teeth, it’s not uncommon for the condition of their gums to be overlooked. Gums play a significant role in supporting and protecting ...
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Spotlight on Oral Sedation

Despite the many advances in dental technology, it’s common for people to feel some anxiety about going to the dentist. If you want to feel more comfortable during your treatment, then you could ...
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Recognizing and Managing Common Dental Emergencies

Dental checkups and good oral hygiene are important for maintaining the health of your teeth, but these steps aren’t always enough to prevent a dental emergency. The following are common ...
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Maintaining Your Oral Health During Cancer Treatment

When treating cancer patients, dentists in Belmont emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene and dental checkups. This is because a person’s oral health is more vulnerable while he or she is ...
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